About Al Mujtabaa

Who we are!

Al-Mujtabaa Company for General Trading Ltd. is a member in the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and industry, a member in the Iraqi chambers of commerce’s association, a member in the Iraqi industries’ association and a member in the Iraqi business men’s association. We are dealing in many commercial aspects for the behalf of the Iraqi market which you can its details in the field of export and import. We have good and special relations with a great number of world companies and for more than 10 years in Europe like France, Germany, Italy and Greece and in Asia like China, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, India, Turkey and the Arab countries like Jordan, Syria, UAE and Egypt. We look forward for more cooperation with other countries. We can help you in entering the Iraqi market and in any commercial aspect you may want

1- If you search for a market to export your products, we can introduce many Iraqi merchants to you and explain the current and the future market requirements. We will discuss with you the best ways to enter the Iraqi market and propagate your products, if you wish, in TV., and domestic newspapers and magazines or we register your company in the Iraqi ministries and circles to help you gain the Iraqi tenders.
2- If you are searching for raw materials, you can depend on us and we will export the raw materials that you need.
3- If you have a bid bond, we will help you to execute it in Iraq by providing the necessary employees, translators, choosing the location, preparing the materials and requirements which you need in your work from the domestic market instead of import them from outside Iraq. This will help you in accomplishing the work or we can work in behalf of your company in Iraq.
4- If you like to invest in Iraq, there are many available opportunities by the Iraqi government, merchants and Iraqi institutions and we can help you to get what suits you.
5- If you want an agent to distribute your products in Iraq, you can depend on us.
6- If you want to open a branch for your company in Iraq, we can make registration procedures and prepare the staff and the lawyer who will register your company. You can consult us in choosing the best placation for your company.
7- W can provide with full details of the tenders offered by the Iraqi Government.
8- We can help you in getting a contract in oil field.

Our motto is confirmation and clarity towards ourselves firstly and then with you.